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    United Kingdom

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  • Materials: silk, Salk satin, 85gsm silk satin, 50gsm silk georgette

  • Width: 115 centimetres
  • Length: 115 centimetres
  •   A beautiful satin silk scarf. This design is from a massive painting of a wave that I did, it was mainly acrylic but I added in chalk, sand and salt into the painting to create texture. This was inspired by watching surfers on the waves in Dorset and the way that the light caught the sea with little droplets of diamonds shining. The painting is around 2 metres square so this was photographed and scaled to create this scarf, it has so much texture in the scarf.

    This design formed part of my graduate collection for my textile degree and will be exhibited at galleries and at the New Designers digital showcase.

    This was then photographed and digitally finished to create a beautiful pure colour piece of art to wear.

    The silk captures the light as the sun and lights catch it creating a lovely shimmer.

    This silk is heavenly to wear, light as air and touchably soft.

    All of my scarves come in their own box to keep them safe and to make them feel as special as they are. A sheer luxurious gift to yourself or to someone else.

    All made and designed within the UK, and made to order especially for you.

    Choose from Satin Silk for an opaque and heavier scarf or Georgette Silk for a finer less opaque look

    Care instructions : Dry clean only

    blue silk scarf, blue scarf, sea inspired scarf, gifting scarf, present for her

    SKU: 994554162
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